ATR Aircraft



  • référence : 17/140-P
  • nature du contrat : CDI
  • lieu : Toulouse
  • date de début : ASAP

position summary:

  • Prepare, consolidate, follow approval and distribute each month the MBR (Monthly Board Report).
  • Prepare and consolidate the bi-monthly dashboard INTEGRATED PLANNING AND CONTROL (synthesis of the main events of the perimeter: key success, top risks et opportunities, next steps).
  • Prepare, consolidate, present and distribute the FAL lead-time tracking (12 months rolling) starting with the On Dock Fuselage from P47 start up to aircraft delivery to customer considering holidays time, FAL Working Party, main industrial issues (to be recorded), AC/ reallocation and reconfiguration.
  • Prepare the outlook of the aircraft deliveries (horizon 12 to 24 months).
  • Contribute to the building and distribute (internally) the Production Plan and any evolution in collaboration with the industrial planning team (frequency: 2 or 3 times per year), horizon 3 years.
  • Prepare and distribute each month to the In-Service Program department the year outlook outlook of aircraft delivery.
  • Prepare and distribute each week internally the update of the watch Tower file.
  • Monitor weekly the updates of the annual deliveries (outlook) with allocated MSN, contractual delivery dates, FAL start, main industrial issues.
  • Monitor the indicators of the customization process from the aircraft allocation up to customer delivery.
  • Monitor small micro-projects needed for INTEGRATED PLANNING AND CONTROL (specific aircraft integrated planning, project with CIP Work Stream Customization process, etc).
  • Opportunity: could monitor small specific development project from the modification opening up to 1st article installation in FAL (development phase, certification, test, installation 1er serial production), coordinate the actors of the process, organize progress meeting.
  • Propose a way of automatization of the customization dashboard and any other project tool monitoring used by the department.
  • Monitor on a weekly basis the update of the program milestones from the allocation to the customer input (PDF – paint definition freeze, CDF – cabin definition freeze, etc), from the design data and manufacturing data up to delivery. The objective is to show the actuals (status on milestones performance, trend on the next 20 aircraft) in order to propose a way forward.

main responsabilities:

 Your main tasks will be the following ones:
  • Synchronize the function contribution to build the MBR.
  • Propose and agree key messages with the stakeholders.
  • Implement a forecast of delivery to ease decision making or to mitigate delay impact on delivery or identify any action and/or recovery plan to avoid delay on aircraft delivery, any impact ATR side and at customer level.
  • Propose some scenarii of the Production Plan evolution to be presented for validation to the Sales Production Matching Committee.
  • Synchronize the functions, actors of the projects.
  • Implement a data base of indicator for the customization process.
  • Implement a follow-up of the program milestones (allocation, customization, FAL progress) to ease decision making and actions to limit delivery delays, the impact at partners/ATR/customers level.
  • Consolidate and distribute the customization dashboard, propose any recovery plan if needed, alert.
List of deliverables:
  • MBR dashboard consolidation and distribution (monthly) ;
  • INTEGRATED PLANNING AND CONTROL dashboard (bi-monthly) ;
  • FAL Lead-Time tracking (weekly) ;
  • Main Industrial events (weekly) ;
  • Production Plan files consolidation and distribution (each trimester) ;
  • Aircraft deliveries outlook (weekly) ;
  • Customization dashboard: automatic and/or semi-automatic, validation, communication and distribution (monthly) ;
  • Specific project report (on demand during the time frame period).

key skills / key personal attributes / experience required:

As the successful candidate, you should be able to demonstrate some of the following skills and experience:
Good knowledge in: projects monitoring, program management, ATR process knowledge, Finances, Risk and opportunities, customers oriented.
English, Italian would be a plus.
  • Basic programs: Office Excel, Word, Power point, Access, VBA ;
  • Configuration Management tools: BDRM, RMCES, SAP ;
  • Project Management Tools: Microsoft Project (Sciforma would be a plus).
Transversal Relationship, listening, negotiation.
Able to analyse Project status and provide recommendations, Practical Problem solving, Team spirit, Autonomous, conflict management, communication skills, rigorous.
Project Management, with at least 2 years of experience.
Frequent Mission at suppliers’ sites.